About Us

Just who is running the show is what you should be wondering.

We are only the individuals kicking off this initiative, and we hope to collaborate with all of you, although before that happens, here is a little about our backgrounds.

Lucy “Rucy” Hyunh

  • 2nd generation Vietnamese American born in San Diego, California.
  • 18-years experience operating front-of-house and back-of-house in hospitality, food & beverage industry.
  • 7-years as a business owner, food manufacturer, and distributor.
  • Self-proclaimed Culinary Engineer and a Pastry Chef with a background in Science.

Karl(‘s Balls) Palma

  • 2nd Generation Filipino American born in Southern New Jersey
  • Founder, Owner and Operator of KARLSBALLS takoyaki in NYC Est. 2015.
  • Resident Caretaker of New York Buddhist Church for 10 years – Works with Japanese and and Japanese American Community preserving and promoting culture.
  • Heavily involved with Asian community outreach via Project Bento NYC, Armed Asian NYC.
  • Works tirelessly to spread and represent takoyaki culture from East to the West collaborating with the best companies and associations in Japan.

Greg Taniguchi

  • A 4th generation Coloradan and Japanese American (Yonsei).
  • Owned and operated one of the first tuner shops in the SF Bay Area called Racer X.
  • 10 years in the SF Bay Area and the last 14 years in Los Angeles (Newport Beach, Orange County).
  • Refined/defined the Gibson brand and built the Skunk2, Axial, and the Race Technologies brand (the global partner to Brembo Performance and Brembo Racing).
  • Owner an Operator of Taniguchi-ya which was initially a ramen pop-up, but there are new plans for 2021.
  • Founder of Oishii-Desu.com which is one of the largest blogs for Japanese food and culture on the West Coast, 14-19k unique/views per month.

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